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Organic Cotton Light Pink Haramaki

Organic Cotton Light Pink Haramaki

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A HARAMAKI (also known as a Belly Warmer, Kidney Warmer & Waist Warmer) is a Japanese undergarment worn around the abdomen to keep warm in cold climates and environments. They are worn for health and fashion reasons. The Haramaki originated from the first Sino-Japanese war and World War 2. The Haramaki was believed to provide warmth, good health and immunity from injury to whoever wore the garment. Now, modern day Haramakis in Japan are made out of cotton or wool material and is much like a tube top but is worn around the midriff to regulate body temperature, boost circulation and so much more!

Our Organic Cotton Haramakis are super SOFT, COMFORTABLE and perfect for wearing everyday with just about any outfit. It covers your lower back and protects your kidneys and abdominal organs. Keeps the cold air from creeping up your back and giving you a chill.

It fits snug against the body and does not move around. Shaped slightly wider at the hip for a better fit and it won't slip around or ride up. Protects & warms midriff area so your lower back is not exposed when bending forward or reaching for something. You can easily slide it off and on as the outdoor or indoor temperature changes - easy to slide back on whenever it starts to get chilly again.


You can wear a Haramaki everyday for comfort and warmth but it also helps with many aches and pains. Haramakis are known for warming the body therefore alleviating lower back pain, menstrual cramps, fertility issues, lower back pain, arthritis, issues with circulation and digestion, kidney problems.


Haramakis are SUPER VERSATILE.

PREGNANCY: Perfect for hugging & protecting the pregnant belly
POSTPARTUM: Great for bringing warmth to the postpartum body (Please visit the Postpartum Haramaki listing to learn more)
POST-OP: Holds everything in place and is gentle against delicate stitches and tender organs.
WORK ATTIRE/ NIGHT OUT: Works great under dresses, work attire or uniforms.
OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES yoga, cycling, lounging, air conditioned offices, cold airplanes, travel, walking, hiking, camping, snowboarding, skiing, fishing, JUST ABOUT ANY TIME, ANY DAY or whenever your looking for a little extra coziness, comfort and warmth.

GIVE AS A GIFT!: Perfect gift for pregnancy, baby showers, post op care, birthday’s, Christmas and Hanukah.


- 91% organic cotton / 9% spandex -

Ships from US within 1 business day


PINK- A light pink
BEIGE-currently out of stock (favorite our shop & receive a notification when its back in stock)

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Please use gentle wash and hang dry.

***Please contact us with any questions and/or feedback, we are happy to help!***


90% Organic Cotton and 10% Lycra

Shipping & Returns

We gladly accept returns and exchanges within the first 7 days.


Care Instructions

Wash in gentle cycle in cold water and lay flat to dry or hang dry.

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