Benefits of a Haramaki

Wrap Up in Wellness: Belly Warmers that Nourish Body and Spirit

  • Boosts Fertility

    Traditional Chinese medicine teaches that one of the possible causes of infertility is a “Cold Uterus”. Basically, when your uterus becomes too cold it stops functioning normally. Coldness leads to all kinds of reproductive system problems like low libido, fertility issues & miscarriages.

    A cold uterus simply does not have the desired temperature for an embryo to flourish. Lack of warmth and the cold conditions in the uterus means that the follicles may not ripen. It can also be the cause of miscarriages, which is why so much importance is placed on the temperature of the uterus in Chinese Medicine when trying to conceive.

    If your uterus is too cold, the blood circulation may be inhibited to your reproductive organs causing old stagnant dead blood cells to accumulate which can block healthy flow. Keeping your uterus warm is a wonderful way to prepare your body for implantaton and to create the perfect & cozy atmosphere for new life to grow.

  • Keeps you warm in cold climates

    Staying warm is the secret not only to feeling comfortable but also to feeling supported, energised and strong. 

    When it comes to staying warm, more layers isn’t necessarily better. Lightweight layers worn snug and directly on the skin are not only more comfortable, they can actually be more effective than bulky layers due to its insulating effect which traps heat in.  Having a loose base layer might allow cold air to circulate near your skin, which allows cold air to creep in and make you cold.
    Merino wool is one of the most popular fabrics when it comes to base layers. This super warm and comfortable fabric wicks moisture away from your skin keeping you dry, it is antimicrobial and keeps you ultra warm without overheating when it warms up. 

    They’re great for chilly morning and evening hikes, before and after swimming, snowboarding, skiing, gardening, working outside and pretty much any other outdoor winter activities. 

  • Postpartum Recovery

    Pregnancy is considered a hot state and the postpartum a cold state. One thing that many postpartum traditions from around the world have in common is the undestanding of the importance of bringing warmth to the postpartum body and avoiding "the chill" or "wind". It is believed that this chill that can enter a womans body in the postpartum and cause ill health like paniful joints, menstrual cycle issues and exacerbate any present health issues. The postpartum time is a golden opportunity to strengthen a womans health and possibly heal any previous health issues if she is able to take exceptional care of herself and keeping her body and uterus covered and avoiding the cold for the first 40 days postpartum which is so important for woman’s long term health and healing after birth.

  • Eases lower back pain

    Research has shown that heat can loosen stiff joints and relieve achy muscles.   

    When you warm up a sore joint or tired muscle, your blood vessels dilate and allows more blood, oxygen, and nutrients to be delivered to the injured tissues. Better circulation means more relaxation for those stiff muscles and joints.  

    Wearing a Haramaki improves blood circulation to the muscles and joints in the body & lower back which helps to repair damaged tissue, warm up achy joints and ease pain.

  • Kidney Health

    Kidneys are the foundation of health according to Eastern medicine and are the storehouse of our vital energy. The kidneys are located very close to the body's surface. This means that whenever it’s cold outside, the body will try to preserve heat by decreasing blood flow to the extremeties. Poor blood circulation creates kidney stone formation. During the winter months it is important to nurture and nourish our kidneys. It is the time where this energy can be most easily depleted. Therefore it is important to cover and protect our lower backs during the Winter time.

  • Improves digestion

    In Japan it is believed that if you have a cold stomach this leads to health issues in the body. Internal Cold makes it very hard for our digestive system to do its job of digesting food. It results in sluggishness, leading to pain, bloating, constipation, loose stools and other symptoms of digestive disharmony.

    Wearing a haramaki keeps the digestive system warm, boosts circulation and keeps everything flowing.

  • Boosts Immunity

    Research shows that a higher body temperature can tremendously increase immunity and prevent colds and sickness. Japanese medicine believes that if the temperature of the stomach is too cool you’re more likely to get sick. Eighty percent of our immune system resides in the abdominal area, therefore the health of the internal organs contributes greatly to our overall wellbeing. 

  • Eases menstrual cramps

    Menstrual cramps can be due to what’s called a Cold Invasion in the body and uterus which causes the vessels which supply blood to the uterus to constrict. The blood circulation becomes inhibited to your reproductive organs causing old stagnant dead blood cells to accumulate which can block a healthy flow. Wearing a Haramaki during your period can feel so warming, supportive and calming. It helps to ease menstrual cramps by bringing warmth and circulation to your uterus. Its a wonderful addition to a womans self care routine for supporting herself during her monthly menses.