Our Haramakis

Experience the ultimate blend of comfort and style with our belly warmers. Providing gentle warmth and a cozy embrace, perfect for chilly days or soothing comfort. Elevate your well-being with each wear, and embrace the harmony of warmth and relaxation

What is a Haramaki?

A Haramaki, also known as a Belly Warmer, Kidney Warmer and Tummy Warmer is a Japanese undergarment worn around the abdomen to keep warm in cold climates and environments. The term "haramaki" translates to "bellyband" in Japanese, emphasizing its primary purpose of covering and providing warmth to the abdominal area. They are worn for health and fashion reasons. 

The Haramaki originated from the first Sino-Japanese war and World War 2. During WW II, the mother’s, wives and sisters of the soldiers would stand in public places such as train stations and stores asking other Japanese women to place one stitch or a knot on the belt which was embroidered to strengthen the material. This bellyband, intricately crafted by the soldier's family, served as a tangible expression of love, support, and protection. The belief being that this strength was passed along to the man wearing it. The haramaki was believed to provide warmth, good health and immunity from injury to whoever wore the garment.

Over time, haramaki’s have transitioned from a purely functional item to a symbol of care, protection, and even a fashion statement.

In addition to providing warmth, Haramaki's offer a multitude of health benefits. Click the button below to learn more!

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