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Pregnancy Black Merino Wool Haramaki

Pregnancy Black Merino Wool Haramaki

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Introducing our Pregnancy Haramaki, a luxurious belly band crafted from 92% merino wool, designed to cocoon you in comfort and warmth throughout your pregnancy journey.

Our Haramaki is exceptionally soft and comfortable, offering a cozy layer that doesn't itch and can be worn directly against the skin. Made with premium merino wool, it provides unparalleled warmth, making it perfect for chilly weather or cold indoor environments.

But the benefits don't end there. Our Pregnancy Haramaki isn't just for pregnancy—it transitions seamlessly into the postpartum period as a belly bind. Check out our postpartum Haramaki listing for more information on its versatile benefits beyond pregnancy.

Wearing our Pregnancy Haramaki offers a multitude of benefits:

*Warmth and Comfort: The merino wool construction ensures you stay warm and cozy, providing a comforting layer during pregnancy, especially in colder climates or indoor settings.

*Gentle Support: The gentle compression provided by the Haramaki offers support to the abdomen, helping to alleviate discomfort and provide a sense of security as your body undergoes changes during pregnancy.

*Protection: The Haramaki acts as a protective layer for your belly, offering a barrier against the elements and providing a sense of warmth and security for both you and your baby.

We highly recommend that customers order their pre-pregnancy size when purchasing our Pregnancy Haramaki. While the Haramaki will stretch comfortably with your growing belly during pregnancy, it's designed to retain its original shape and size.

To ensure a snug fit and optimal compression postpartum, simply wash and air dry your Haramaki or throw it in the dryer for 20 minutes. This easy care process allows the Haramaki to shrink back to its original size, ready to provide the support and comfort you need during the postpartum period.

Experience the versatility and convenience of our Pregnancy Haramaki—a trusted companion that adapts to your changing needs throughout your pregnancy and beyond.


95% Merino Wool and 5% Lycra

Shipping & Returns

Please see size chart carefully as there are no returns or exchanges on the Wool Haramakis


Care Instructions

Wash in wool cycle and lay flat to dry.

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