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White Angora Wool Haramaki

White Angora Wool Haramaki

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A HARAMAKI also known as a Belly Warmer, Back Warmer and Tummy Warmer is an abdominal garment that keeps you warm and offers many other health benefits!

Our Haramaki's are the ultimate solution for staying cozy, comfortable, and pain-free, no matter the weather or activity. Crafted with care and designed for maximum comfort, these tummy warmers provide an array of benefits to enhance your well-being.

- **Stay Comfortably Warm**: Our belly warmers, also known as tummy warmers or stomach warmers, are your go-to companions for winter adventures or chilly days. Experience the warmth and insulation provided by these innovative warmers, ensuring you stay snug even in the coldest of conditions.

- **Relief from Aches and Pains**: Say goodbye to discomfort! The belly warmer offers exceptional support and insulation, helping to prevent injuries and alleviate aches and pains. Whether you're hitting the slopes, going for a jog, or engaging in outdoor activities, our Belly Warmers has got you covered.

- **Combat Period Pain**: Ladies, rejoice! Our belly warmers offer a soothing solution to period pain. Experience relief and comfort during your menstrual cycle, as the tummy warmer gently eases discomfort and provides the warmth your body craves.

- **Lower Back Pain Relief**: Bid farewell to lower back pain with our tummy warmers. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits as the warmth penetrates your muscles, providing much-needed relief for those troublesome areas.

- **Postpartum Healing Aid**: For new mothers, our belly warmers become an indispensable tool in your postpartum journey. Experience enhanced healing and comfort, as the warmers aid in recovery, providing support and warmth during this crucial time.

- **Post-Surgery Comfort**: Our belly warmers contribute to your post-surgery healing process by offering gentle support, warmth, and comfort. Assisting you on your path to recovery.

Angora Wool is the lightest natural fiber and has been shown to be three times warmer than sheep’s wool which makes it perfect for thermal clothing.

The Angora Haramaki offers comfort and protection those who suffer from muscle aches, bone and joint pains, knee pain, or simply for those who like to be warm and cozy on colder days. 

Due to the warmth the Angora garments provide, they assist in regulating your body’s temperature and improving blood circulation. In addition, wearing Angora Wool, aids in alleviating joint pain, coldness in the body, back pain and menstrual pain.                                                                                                                                          
Versatile and Practical Design:
Suitable for a wide range of activities and situations, our belly warmers can be worn during skiing, snowboarding, dance classes, hiking, running, cycling, camping, and even while sleeping outdoors. They fit seamlessly under work clothes, formal wear, or as an extra layer during cold outdoor work. Perfect for women who are always cold, outdoor enthusiasts, and those working in chilly conditions.

The Perfect Gift:
Looking for a thoughtful gift? Our belly warmers make an ideal present for dancers, yoga enthusiasts, outdoor sports enthusiasts, and anyone who thrives in cold weather. Show your care and consideration by gifting them the warmth, comfort, and relief they deserve.

Elevate your comfort, alleviate pain, and stay warm with our Belly Warmers – the ultimate companion for all your activities, no matter the weather.

Made out of: 46% angora, 37% sheep’s wool, 9% polyamide, 8% lycra.

Our Angora garments are produced in Europe and are sourced from an ethical and cruelty free farm.

*Please contact us with any questions and/or feedback, we'd love to hear from you and are happy to help with any questions you have* 



95% Merino Wool and 5% Lycra

Shipping & Returns

Please see size chart carefully as there are no returns or exchanges on the Wool Haramakis


Care Instructions

Wash in wool cycle and lay flat to dry.

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